Brook Crompton

Brook Crompton is a leading provider of energy efficient electric motors. Brook Crompton has a wide range of low, medium & high voltage motors for safe and hazardous applications, robustly designed to provide cost effective, energy-saving solutions across a range of industries. Brook Crompton also offers drives packages.

Brook Crompton is focused on the development of products that improve energy efficiency, offer lower cost of ownership throughout their lifecycle and reduce environmental impact. 

With a strong focus on technology and innovation, Brook Crompton offers a complete range of low, medium and high voltage motors including motors suitable for operation in hazardous and hostile environments.

Brook Crompton is the original innovator in electric motors. Ernest Brook made his first motor in Huddersfield, UK in 1904 forming Brook Motors, whilst Colonel Crompton had formed R.E.B. Crompton & Co in 1878. The two organisations came together in the 1970s to form the company that is now recognised the world over as Brook Crompton.

Brook Crompton expanded and created several businesses. These Brook Crompton businesses are owned by Brook Crompton Holdings Ltd, a public listed company based in Singapore. The major shareholders are significant manufacturers of electric motors enabling Brook Crompton in Huddersfield, UK to offer a wide range of motor products and hold extensive stock.

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